Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lichfield Cathedral

It was here, in 1612, that a crazy old man, my ancestor Edward Wightman, became the last heretic to be burned at the stake in England.
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Irene said...

(1) A Baptist? You were right: "better late than never".

(2) You are a Wightman? Through George? This gets more interesting all the time.

Jeffrey Smith said...

No matter what they say, I never heard of a Baptist who loudly denied the Trinity. He certainly did.
Yes, I believe it was through George, but I can't remember, offhand, whether it was through the Bills or the Bennetts.

Anonymous said...

This is all very bizarre. I, too, am a Wightman descendant, living in Bradford and having traced my maternal grandfather's family back to the late 1500s in Normanton and to the early 1600s in Featherstone, West Riding of Yorkshire. A row of three Wightman gravestones stand immediately outside of the C of E parish church of All Saints Featherstone. The first of which was a Yeoman. My own Wightmans were a blend of low Protestant Church and Methodist chapel folk.
In contrast I am the rep for the Latin Mass Society in the Dioceses of Leeds and Salford and was recently re-elected to sit on the Committee of the LMS.
How nice for me to come across your blog - see; http://www.lmsleeds.blogspot.com

In Domino