Thursday, December 20, 2007

Celtic Village, Museum of Welsh Life, St. Fagan's

There's a great deal of fascination, nowadays, with the Celts. That's both good and bad. I't good when it's firmly based on historical, archaeological, and anthropological evidence.
It's bad when the Celts are used as a tabula rasa to provide a convenient, and completely imaginary, "ancient lineage" for a lot of half-assed, new age twaddle. How to be a druid in ten easy lessons. That sort of thing.
I'm not talking about the etherial twits who run around in white dresses spouting pompous poetry, either. I mean the brainless fools who really think they're druids and build castles in the air ( Inside their crania.) about the wisdom they've "inherited". The simple truth is that we know very little about ancient Celtic religion, and the little we really do know, from archaeological evidence, shows something very unpleasant.
I've known quite a few morons who yap about the ancient wisdom of the Celts. Usually, they're the sort who really shouldn't be without a keeper.
And another thing.....
...One and all would be in a tizzy after a day of having to live like this.


Sammie said...

Am curious about who St. Fagan(s) was. What is known about the man? What was his sainthood based on? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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Art Twomacs said...

I can't help wondering about the nasty side you referred to. Guess I'll have to read more.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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